There are two items on the picture: the first one with ordinary pigment, the second one is produced using MERCK`s Effect Pigment and IM3D tehnology.


The properties of these pigments allow to manufacter three-dimensional image on a flat or curved detail with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. The image inside a detail may look either convex or concave, or as a pattern (a combination of different flatness, arcs or atraight lines). The design can include text, patterns, lines, etc.




The lines in a design are slightly rounded, do not have sharp corners. Final look of IM3D detail depends on custom color you need. The number of pigments is limited, so some custom colors are created by mixing pigments and colorants. The same design can look a little different on each color. We can strengthen or weaken the effect and color reproduction depending on the customer’s wish. 




It is practically impossible to forge such a detail without an exact formulation, the presence of colorants and pigments, technology and equipment. To create a product please provide us with a color and an image or reference of estimated design and indicate which parts of it should be convex or concave.