IM3D technology (injection molding) is a worldwide innovation.                                                                                                                                                                IM3D technology is applied for a brand new decoration of product. It is based on MERCK Effect Pigments in a combination with a unique production technology.
  • 3D image. 
  • Individual colour development based on MERCK Effect Pigments.  
  • Premium view. 
  • Opportunity to customize standard product.
Guaranteed protection for your brand! Details with IM3D technology cannot be forged or imitated. 

IM3D decoration makes your products: 

  • stand out from competitors,  
  • more visible among analogues, 
  • confirms the product innovativeness.

IM3D technology application

 The technology is universal and can be used in almost all industries:

  • to protect your brand from counterfeit and imitation,
  • for branding and differentiation of your product and brand,
  • use unique decoration for innovation appearance of your products.  

Flat, ring or slightly curved IM3D-details could be inserted into any surfaces or could be a separate part. You can create innovative, eye-catching 3D designs for injection-molded parts.

Send us a photo of your product or a technical specification and we visualize how you can use IM3D in your product!

 *Please, note, shown pictures are not ready-made products, it is only sketches of possible IM3D application.

TO create a product please provide us with an estimated color and design or just send us a couple of words like «I’m interested in IM3D».