Brand new colors and IM3D technology at K-show 2016

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Brand new colors and IM3D technology at K-show 2016

««K-show 2016 Dusseldorf» is the most important worldwide exhibition for the plastics and rubber industries.

The exhibition which is held once in 3 years always attracts the attention of professionals. It is the most innovative knowledge base and a key investment area.

MIRAN was a part of this exciting event. MIRAN with the longtime partner company MERCK introduced two significant new items: the world premiere of the unique technology in-mould plastics decoration IM3D, as well as a collection of plastic cosmetic packaging, based on the brand new collection of Effect Pigments of MERCK.

IM3D technology is based on MERCK special Effect Pigments in a combination with a unique production technology developed by our professional team. MIRAN’s mission is the innovative approach to the production of cosmetic packaging.

Collection of color 2017 for cosmetic packaging is created in accordance with one of the main trends in packaging design 2017. You have to choose between an authentic minimalism and innovative color with sophisticated label design. MIRAN offers complete solutions for serial and exclusive packaging regardless of what you choose.

More about IM3D here: